Rulonas stainless steel stockholding company

Rulonas is stainless steel stockholding company founded in 2005. Our core business is distribution of stainless steel products, both flat and long.
Our strategy is to work with end users, distributors and service centers. We wish to maintain very low overheads and to compete through flexibility and quickness.
Integrated supply chain combined with high level financial, risk management, logistics and technical expertise optimize customer’s business so that they can focus on growth.
Services range goes from pure back-to-back trading transactions to storage, transportation and delivery, customs service and participation as supplier in large scale projects.
Our aim is to be a reliable partner with our customers, suppliers and transport companies, so that each side can see their business grow profitably. Top quality products and perfect service is our standard. No matter big or small. How far or specific customers are. We honestly believe that following agreed conditions and keeping promises is the key to success. For all of us.

We focus on purchasing from the best steel mills and service centers around the world and deliver only top quality steel to our customers. Relationships with our suppliers all serve just one purpose: to provide our customers with the steel they need when they need it.
Our experienced team can deliver product to your door, from suppliers around the world, handling all the transportation, insurance and documentation required.
As market conditions allows, we are involved in exporting goods around Europe, and have excellent feedback from our partners.
Rulonas offers comprehensive expertise in main steel markets. In addition, our strong relationships, diverse global contacts and expertise ensures that all our partners gain positive results.
Being located in the middle of Europe, we are able to serve not only Eastern Europe customers with products they need, but also deliver high quality products to Western Europe and Scandinavian customers.

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