Our Strategy and Approach Won Us Long-Term Partnerships

We collaborate with end users, distributors, and service centers to maintain low overheads and offer flexibility and responsiveness. Our integrated supply chain, backed by high-level expertise in finance, risk management, logistics, and technology, allows your business to thrive.

The customers, suppliers, and transport companies often describe our team as reliable, referring to our transparency and commitment to excellence. By offering high-quality stainless steel and aluminium products and tailored service, we form long-term partnerships and commit to mutual growth.

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We Keep Our Promises

Rulonas is committed to providing only premium-grade steel to the customers. We purchase steel from the best mills and service centers globally and deliver the products on time.

To do so, we use a range of services, from pure back-to-back trading transactions to storage, transportation, and delivery. Rulonas team can also cut bars with diameters ranging from 60mm to 250 mm and cover PVC on sheets upon demand.

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